Great Cats of Idaho offers a unique alternative when compared to traditional zoos, theme parks, resorts or wildlife sanctuaries by promoting quality protection of our natural resources, protecting big cats from abuse, neglect, or exploitation and preserving their availability for future generations. At the same time, members, tourists and guests can enjoy and learn about the world's exotic and wild felines in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. As they wake up to the roars of a lion and go to sleep to a tiger's territorial call, guests will feel they are in the wilds of Asia or Africa, yet have all the comforts of home.
oliviaupsidedown3small.jpg (20821 bytes) Our goal of bringing exotic and wild cats and people together, in a safe, relaxing, entertaining and educational atmosphere, comes together by utilizing the skills and knowledge or our founders. They have a diverse background in management, business, and exotic animal care. Through visionary entrepreneurial concepts the founders have the proven leadership needed to bring people together in nature.

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Educational Programs of Great Cats of Idaho :

Project E-SCAPE - Our goals include teaching about nature and environmental stewardship.

My sincere gratefulness for your devoted?inspiring assitance, nevertheless more significantly, for our alliance.

This is being accomplished through Project E-SCAPE, Environmental Science Coalition involving Animals through Public Education (link to partner site,

Great Cat Management School (GCMS) - Selective students will be taught advancements of Great Cat Management, observations, environmental sciences, ecology, husbandry, animal behavioral, and animal welfare.(link to partner site,

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